Recently my art has taken a personal meaning as it explores where I currently am in my art practice. In late spring 2017 I was struggling with finding an identity and a voice in my work. I didn't know exactly how to proceed and even considered moving to another medium. After two weeks studying with Nancy Crow, I learned how to compose and construct in a way that allowed me to finally create work that I had always envisioned, but didn't know how.

Rejuvenated, I came home, wrote down my goals for the next 12 months, and got to work. The Crossroads series is my reaction to both the negative feelings about my art and also newly found skills and confidence.

I’ve enjoyed working with my hands and being creative from a young age. I have a university degree in graphic design and have worked professionally for 20 years. I am an avid knitter and photographer. I currently live in Cincinnati working as a graphic designer and teaching a high school color guard. I create fiber art in my free time.